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Pest Control Treatment For Bed Bugs Removal

Bed bugs are the smallest pests found in our house. They not only damage the wood but also cause many health issues and skin allergies. Bed bugs feed on human blood and can grow rapidly in number which can be a sign of emergency for bed bug removal services. Bed bugs are most likely found in places that are not cleaned for a long time. We should take care of regular cleaning and sanitising of the house to prevent the growth of bed bugs and other pests in the house. There are many methods used for bed bugs removal.

Bed bugs usually get in our house through luggage, mattress, clothes, furniture and easily move into every corner of our house and can infest rapidly if not taken care of on time. If you find any hint of bed bugs in your house make sure to get your house inspected by professionals before they get infested all over the house.

Bed Bugs Removal

Many insecticides are available in the market that can be useful in bed bugs removal. Alongside this, we also need to make sure that our house is cleaned properly from all the corners regularly which will prevent the growth of bed bugs and also other pests. This will not only prevent the growth of pests but will also save a lot of money.

There are many treatments and methods for bed bugs removal. The most common and effective methods are chemical and non-chemical treatment. Depending upon the growth and infestation of the bed bugs, these treatments are used by professionals and homeowners.

Chemical Treatment- Bed Bugs Removal

This treatment is the most effective treatment for bed bugs removal. In this method, various chemicals are used on the walls, edges of the beds, carpets, cupboards, wardrobes and all other parts of your house. This process should be done once or twice to get completely rid of the bed bugs from your house. Your house must be quarantined for at least 7-8 days after this treatment to make sure the infestation is dead.

Chemicals can sometimes cause adverse effects to humans and the environment so it is preferred to seek professional help for safe chemical bed bug removal treatment.

There is no guarantee the bugs will be removed in one treatment. According to the infestation, 2-3 attempts may be required to get a pest-free house.

Non-Chemical Treatment- Bed Bugs Removal

This is also one of the treatments used for bed bugs removal. In this treatment, two methods are used for the removal of bed bugs.

The first method is using cryolite (dry ice). Dry ice is used to freeze these pests to death. The dry ice does not cause any effect on humans or the environment and is extremely safe for everyone. This method is also safe for all the appliances in your house such as your computer, television, fridge and all other electrical appliances. Dry ice has another benefit in that it kills all the stages in the bed bug cycle including eggs and adults.

One of the disadvantages of this method is that these days many bed bug species have become resistant to the colder environment so they can resist negative temperatures. 

The second non-chemical treatment method is using steam. Bed bugs are extremely sensitive towards heat so steam can be a useful tool against them. In this method, dry vapour steam above 120 degrees celsius is used for the removal of bed bugs. This method can kill the eggs, larvae as well as adult bed bugs without any residue. 

A non-chemical bed bug removal treatment requires a follow-up investigation after  7-10 days of the treatment to make sure that all the bed bugs have been removed properly and there is no residue left.

Other than these there are also many organic methods and products available in the market that are useful in bed bug removal treatment. Professionals can be helpful in the effective termination of bed bugs. 

There are many pesticides and other products available in the market for all kinds of infestations of bed bugs. Seeking professional help before buying these products is necessary to make sure you don’t waste your money and get the best products to get rid of all kinds of pests from your house or workplace.

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